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    What we are

    The Miracle League at Cypress Mounds is a registered non-profit organization that gives children with any type of disability or special needs the opportunity to play baseball as part of team and an organized league. We are conveniently located within the Cypress Mounds Baseball Complex so that Miracle League players can feel connected to the larger youth baseball culture. Nine other fields host youth baseball and fast-pitch softball at the same times The Miracle League is hosting its games. The specialized field that Miracle League players use is a solid rubberized surface with painted bases. There are no obstacles to impede assistive devices or to cause tripping hazards. The field is a replica of all other Cypress Mounds fields including dugouts, equipment racks, foul poles, and even warning tracks.

    Players are assigned to teams and given uniform jerseys and hats to wear for each game. Volunteer Coaches guide and teach the players the game of baseball to the best of each player’s abilities. Buddies are assigned to every player for the entire season to give assistance if necessary and to protect players as needed. Lasting friendships have formed out of the many pairings of buddies and players. 

    The games are non-competitive and everyone is a winner. Each player bats and gets a hit with the last batter hitting a homerun. Announcers are quick to call players names over the sound system as they come to bat or make an outstanding play in the field. Players love to hear the crowd cheer for them when their name is called!

    Parents tell stories of their children insisting on playing despite illnesses, broken bones, and recent hospitalizations. They tell how players’ physical therapy appointments become more exciting and players work harder because “it will help them improve their baseball.” Parents also share that they appreciate the fact that they are allowed to be parents in the stands and watch the excitement on the players’ faces when they have done something impressive. 

    One Volunteer stated The Miracle League was like getting to go to Disney Land every week. LSU baseball and softball players have voluntarily given of their own personal time to come out and help during games or cheer on players. You just might find Mason Katz at the Miracle League Field during his off season! Local sororities have attended every game of the season to cheer on players from their adopted philanthropic organizations.

    History and Future

    The Miracle League is a national organization that helps all local programs establish their own non-profit organization and provides helpful materials for the startup of the leagues. Due to the popularity of the concept, there are now over 270 Miracle League Organizations across the USA, Puerto Rico, Canada, and Australia.

    The Miracle League at Cypress Mounds was founded in 2008 with the construction of Cypress Mounds Baseball Complex. After fundraising efforts raised enough money to build such a specialized field, opening ceremonies were held and the first season started in the Spring of 2011. A Spring and Fall season has occurred every year since with the league growing in numbers of players and volunteers each year.


    As our organization continues to expand, the possibilities for our leagues are endless and could potentially include adult leagues and competitive leagues. 

    “Every Child Deserves The Chance To Play Baseball”

    Our Mission

    Our Mission is to provide opportunities for children and adults with special needs to play baseball as part of an organized league, regardless of their abilities.

    Miracle League at Cypress Mounds Staff & Board of Directors

    Executive Staff

    • Brandi Polito Aertker, Executive Director
    • Katie Polito, League Director
    • Charlene Lauman, Volunteer Coordinator
    • Sharon Polito
    • Skip Bertman

    Board of Directors

    • Ronnie Polito, President
    • James B. Rutland, Vice President
    • Jonathan B. Bruser, Secretary/ Treasurer
    • David Dellucci
    • Sid J. Gautreaux, III
    • Hillar C. Moore, III

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